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Lampang Inter-Tech College (LIT Inter)


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Brief Introduction

Lampang Intertech College [LIT] is an accredited higher educational institution located in the center of Lampang, only an hour from Bangkok by airplane and only one hour drive from Chiang Mai. Lampang provides a stimulating, but safe and quiet, atmosphere suitable for the life of a student on or off campus. 

LIT has been providing and enhancing technical abilities of Students, operating under the tutelage of Dr. Nimit Jivasantikarn for the last decade.  It has grown from a trade school into a quality educational institution with four faculties specializing in Liberal Arts, Accountancy, Business Administration, Engineering and Technology.

                                                         (Philosophy:  Learning is Life and Modernization)


International Initiative:


LIT has maintained close cooperation with Chinese Educational Institutes whereby Chinese Students have come to LIT to study BA in Thai Language.  Chinese Cultural Center at LIT is unique in Lampang and has been promoting Thai culture to foreign students for the past decade.  As an initiative to be well known Educational Insititute in ASEAN region, LIT has started BBA International Business Program taught in English.




Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business:

LIT’s 132 credit International Business program has been developed as a comprehensive program to train future global managers. The LIT’s BBA program is committed to have students learn a foreign language, economics, mathematics, and computer skills, as well as traditional business core courses in marketing and management, with an emphasis on the intricacies of international business, supply chain management, and project management. LIT’s primary mission is to create graduates who will learn to compete in the global economy with a lucrative career.

This program has followed the business educational traditions established in the U.S.A. and other business centers of the global economy, but at a fraction of the cost.
LIT’s further mission is to create a learning environment where personal attention provides each student an opportunity to individual excellence. 


College at a Glance

Year Established                                                   2004Location of Main Campus                       LampangNumber of Campus                                                      1Total Number of Students                                 935

.  Foreign Students                           76

Academic Staff                                                              64

▪Faculty Members                                         50

▪Supporting Staff                                             14


  • List of Faculty

.   Faculty of Business Administration

.   Faculty of Accountancy

.   Faculty of Liberal Arts.

.   Faculty of Engineering and Technology.



Formal Agreements by Country:


  1. 1.       China
  2. 2.       Korea









Contact Detail


Postal Address:  173/1 Phahonyotin Rd. Chompoo, Mueng, Lampang 52100 THAILAND


Telephone: (66) 54231067

Facsimile:  (66) 54 251209


Email:  info@lit-bba.info      Website: http://www.lit-bba.info



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