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Lampang intertech college (LIT) is a well known Educational Institute based in Lampang providing educational services  focusing on the regional market.

Along with its sister institute LCCT, it has been operational for the last 3 decades with a proven record for regional market. As a part of the expansion and growth plan, and looking at the changing scenario in Education BBA and MBA Programs have been undertaken to launch by the institute.

LIT is a multifaceted global four year educational institution offering and granting various degree and certificates in programs where its graduates achieve success outside the institution with meaningful degrees locally and abroad. LIT aims to teach its students to think critically and to live ethically, with the appropriate language and business skills needed in the local and global business communities.


We are the only college  in Lampang region providing Dual Degree BBA and MBA Education whereby students can choose to study 2 or 3 years course which will be completed in Thailand as well as in China, and get degrees from LIT and YNUFE which is one of the most famous university in Kunming, Yunan.

LIT’s 132 credit International Business program has been developed as a comprehensive program to train future global managers. The LIT’s BBA program is committed to have students learn a foreign language, economics, mathematics, and computer skills, as well as traditional business core courses in marketing and management, with an emphasis on the intricacies of international business, supply chain management, and project management. LIT’s primary mission is to create graduates who will learn to compete in the global economy with a lucrative career. This program has followed the business educational traditions established in the U.S.A. and other business centers of the global economy, but at a fraction of the cost.
LIT’s  further mission is to create a learning environment where personal attention provides each student an opportunity to individual excellence. LIT’s wants to stimulate students to think clearly and creatively, and further to develop a sense of civic responsibility. LIT’s ultimate goal is to assure that students take the needed steps towards a viable and lucrative career.


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